20150321_154145 - CopyI’m Claudia Mathilde Scaringi, a translator and an Italian tutor.

I completed my studies in Italy and I have a master’s degree in International Law. I am a native speaker of Italian and speak English and French fluently.  I am on my way to mastering Russian.

What I most enjoy about my work is the opportunity it gives me to meet people of different nationalities and cultures, and is the most meaningful thing I do. By putting aside prejudices and stereotypes, sharing ideas, and living common experiences we can challenge ourselves and show others who we really are.

I have created Friendly Italian to help people who are learning Italian with their language adventure. I believe that having a private tutor who can help you with your difficulties is the fastest way to improve your language and achieve fluency but at the same time I try to provide free materials to all those who cannot invest in a private tutor.

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