Clothes and shopping

I thought it could have been useful to know some expressions that you may need in a shop to look for / try / return an item and to know the vocabulary for clothes and shoes.  So let’s start by looking at some sentences.

Firstly you may need to know the opening/closing times of the shop:

A che ora aprite / chiudete ? = what time do you open / close?

Once that you are in the shop, maybe, you don’t have in your mind something specific that you would like to buy. So, to let the sale person know that you don’t need any help at the moment: sto solo dando un’occhiata.

By the way, shop assistant in Italian is commesso (if it’s a man) or commessa (if it’s a woman).

If you want to know if there is a specific item in the shop, you could say

Avete + name of the item? = do you have…?


Dove posso trovare + name of the item? = where can I find?

Once that you have found the item you were looking for, you could ask some questions about the quality of the item:

Quanto costa questo/a/i/e? = How much is this?

Or, to keep it simple, you can just ask

Quanto costa? And you can point the item.

Avete il numero …. di queste scarpe? = do you have these shoes in size…?

Avete la taglia…? =  do you have this in…?

About sizes in Italian, we use the English words “small; medium, large, extra large” and, when we ask for the size, we just use the first letter of the English word:

Avete la taglia S? (you pronounce S, like in the Italian alphabet esse)
Avete la taglia M? (M = emme)
Avete la taglia L? (L = elle)

Posso provarlo? = may I try this on, please?

Now it’s time to try on the new dress / shirt / trousers! Firstly you could ask where the changing rooms are:

Dove sono i camerini (di prova)? = where are the changing rooms?

And then we have all the questions about how you look like:

È troppo piccolo / grande = it’s too small / big

Asking for an opinion: Come mi sta? = does it look good on me?

Ti sta bene / ti sta male = it looks good on you / it doesn’t look good on you

To buy or not to buy? This is the question.

Non lo compro, costa troppo! = I don’t buy it, it’s too expensive!

Mi sta proprio bene, lo compro! = It looks really good on me, I’ll buy it!

When you have to buy something you have to go to the cassa (cash register).

Vado a pagare alla cassa.

Accettate carte di credito? = Do you accept credit card?

Or, if you want to pay by cash (contanti): soldi = money; monete = coins

Mi può dare un sacchetto / una busta ? = may I have a bag please?

And if you change your mind:

Voglio restituire questo = I would like to return this

So these are the sentences that you need, great, but how do you know the names of the “items”?






Avete dei cappelli?

Dove posso trovare degli stivali?

Quanto costa questa maglietta?

Avete il numero 38 di queste scarpe?

Avete la taglia M di questo maglione?

Posso provare questa giacca?

Questi pantaloni sono troppo grandi

Come mi sta questa gonna?

Questo vestito ti sta male

Non compro questo anello, costa troppo

Queste scarpe mi stanno prorpio bene, le compro

Voglio restituire questi calzini.


Imagine that it’s sale time and you go to a shop and buy 3 items. Describe how the items look on you.

Thank you for reading the article, if you find it useful, you could like it or leave a comment. And don’t forget that you can write your exercises in a comment to have the correction.



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