Parti del corpo – Body parts

It could happen that you feel some pain during one of your travels in Italy. Wouldn’t be better to know how to explain what hurts you? So you could get some medicine for your stomach instead of your head. You know that Italians can’t speak English very well, don’t you?


We’ll start having a look at the noun of the face and then we’ll see the rest of the body. You will notice that the parts of the body have many exceptions to the rules that we have studied.

So we have the hair:

il capello (masculine singular) → i capelli (masculine plural)

I capelli can be

Biondi (blonde)
Castani (brown)
Neri (black)
Rossi (red)
Grigi (grey)
Bianchi (white)

Ho i capelli neri.
Ho un capello bianco.

Remember that the adjectives always agree with the nouns to which they refer.

The eyes:

l’occhio (masculine singular) → gli occhi (masculine plural)

They eyes can be

Azzurri (blue)
Verdi (green)
Marroni (brown)
Neri (black)


Ho gli occhi verdi.
Hanno gli occhi marroni.


The cheeks

La guancia (the cheek) → le guance (the cheeks)

The teeth

il dente (the tooth) → i denti (the teeth)

Then we have

the nose → il naso
the forehead → la fronte
the chin → il mento
the tongue → la lingua

Now the weird part, we have some nouns that have a masculine form for the singular but they change in a feminine form for the plural.

The eyelashes

il ciglio ( masculine singular) → le ciglia (feminine plural)

Ho un ciglio sulla guancia. (I have a eyelash on my cheek).
Le mie ciglia sono molte lunghe. (My eyelashes are very long).

Same rule for the eyebrows

il sopracciglio (masculine singular) → le sopracciglia (feminine plural)

To talk about the lips you need to use

il labbro (masculine singular) → le labbra (feminine plural)

And to talk about the ears

l’orecchio (masculine singular) → le orecchie (feminine plural)

collage capelli


collage faccia



I won’t annoy with an endless list, I just want to show you some exceptions to the common rules of word genders. We have 3 nouns that have a masculine singular but a feminine plural:

The knee: il ginocchio (masculine singular) à le ginocchia (feminine plural)

The arm : il braccio (masculine singular) → le braccia (feminine plural)

The finger: il dito (masculine singular) → le dita (feminine plural)

Then you have a noun which is end in –o, so it should be masculine, but it’s feminine.

The hand: la mano (feminine singular) → le mani (feminine plural)
Here an image to show you the parts of the body

collage parti del corpo


So how do you say that something hurts?

Well, the rule is very simple. You just need to use the expression mi fa male and then you add the part of the body which is in pain. For example: la pancia, la schiena, l’orecchio.

Once again, the key expression is mi fa male followed by article+the noun of the part of the body that hurts. Therefore, be sure to know the gender of the words.

You can also have plural nouns. In this case you will use the plural form mi fanno male. For example, if your legs are in pain you would say mi fanno male le gambe.

So mi fa male followed by a singular noun and mi fanno male followed by a plural noun.

You can also use another expression that is

ho mal di + the noun of the part of the body that hurts

ho mal di gola = mi fa male la gola
ho mal di testa = mi fa male la testa
ho mal di pancia = mi fa male la pancia
ho mal di schiena = mi fa male la schiena
ho mal di gambe = mi fanno male le gambe
ho mal di denti = mi fanno male i denti


Mi fa male + part of the body that hurts (singular noun)

Mi fanno male + part of the body that hurts (plural noun)

Ho mal di + part of the body that hurts


La fronte, gli occhi e il naso are parts of?

  1. La faccia
  2. La gamba
  3. Il braccio

Le dita are parts of?

  1. La gamba
  2. La testa
  3. La mano

Il ginocchio e la caviglia are parts of?

  1. La mano
  2. La gamba
  3. Il braccio

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