Mi piace! – I like it!

When somebody ask you cosa fai nel tempo libero? (=What do you do in your spare time?), you can reply in several ways.

Firstly you could say il mio hobby è… (we use the English word hobby but it is pronounced in the Italian way so h is silent).
Or, if you want to be 100% Italian, you can say il mio passatempo è…

Il mio hobby è… and il mio passatempo è… are exactly the same.

Then you add the activity that is your hobby.

collage hobby

It’s very likely that you would like to say I like this, I like that or I don’t like this.
How do you do that? You need the Italian verb piacere. The tiny problem is the construction of this verb: in English you like something but, in Italian, it’s not the person that does the liking, it’s the object/thing that pleases me… che mi piace.

So forget the verb to like and start familiarizing with the construction mi piace = it pleases me.

If you don’t like something just add a non at the beginning of the construction in order to have = non mi piace (=it doesn’t please me).

At this point we just have to understand what your hobbies are and what you like or not.

If you like to go to the gym for example, you can say:

Il mio hobby è andare in palestra.
Il mio passatempo è andare in palestra.
Mi piace andare in palestra.

Or do you like playing football?

Il mio hobby è giocare a calcio.
Il mio passatempo è giocare a calcio.
Mi piace giocare a calcio.

There are many things that you could like

mi piace cantare = I like to sing.
mi piace ascoltare la musica = I like to listen to music.
mi piace suonare la chitarra = I like to play the guitar.
mi piace disegnare = I like to draw.
mi piace leggere = I like to read.
mi piace cucinare = I like to cook.

You don’t like these activities? Jus add a non!

non mi piace cantare; non mi piace leggere; non mi piace cucinare and so on.

You could also like objects like coffee, books and magazines. So how do we say that? You still need the construction with the verb piacere.
Mi piace + singular noun

Mi piace il caffè.
Mi piace la pizza.
Mi piace la pasta.

What if we have plural nouns like books, movies or magazines?
Mi piacciono = they please me.

Mi piacciono + plural noun

Mi piacciono i libri e le riviste = I like books and magazines
Mi pacciono i film = I like movies


My hobby is………….
 il mio hobby è…
il mio passatempo è…

In my spare time, I also like………
mi piace + singular noun / infinitive of a verb
mi piace + plural noun

I don’t like……..
non mi piace…
non mi piacciono


Talk about your hobbies, things that you like and don’t like doing.

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